2016 CrossFit Open and 16.1

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Another day another WOD… REALLY?!

This is the time of year when the world puts on their game face for 5 weeks for 5 WODs.  At least everyone in our CrossFit world.  The start of the 2016 CrossFit Open is upon us and over the next five weeks we will eagerly wait, guess, and watch to see what constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity will be placed in front of us.  Step up to the challenge and give it your best!  On Friday our Optimistic family put the pedal to the medal to attack 16.1 and let me tell you…it was a doozy!  Whether Scaled or Rx our determined CFO athletes put their best foot forward (no pun intended) for a 20 minute AMRAP of Weighted Walking Lunges, Burpees, and Pull-ups.  Some great pictures with our Optimists in action.

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Some of our athletes returned to the scene of the crime at the end of the day to cheer on others and partake in our family environment.  CrossFit Optimistic’s Free Beer Friday is our way to lure….umm…. bring our community of awesome people together to enjoy some NON-WOD time.  Also a most awesome way to wrap up our FIRST attempt at 16.1.  Will you give it another attempt?!  Not many look forward to a repeat but some will take another stab at this challenging first workout.  If you did not get a chance to conduct 16.1 on Friday you will have another opportunity to be scored on Sunday 2/28 at 9:00am or 4:00pm.  Scores must be submitted online before 7:00pm Monday 2/29.

Go ahead…get online and watch all the “tips and tricks” videos for 16.1.

All Heart Baby!

– Team CFO