2020 Recap: Adversity Reveals Character

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Coach Mike and Coach Anjo recap 2020. They share the crazy events of the year from the gyms closing to loaning out all the equipment to the grand reopening. They are closing out their thoughts for 2020 and are optimistic about 2021! 

The Shutdown

With the first two months of 2020, CrossFit Optimistic was on its way to have it’s best year. With the Optimistic community growing, Coach Mike and Caoch Anjo were looking forward to what the year would bring. Then COVID hit.

“It was a year of challenges but honestly every year has its challenges, hurdles, and victories. And how you attack it is to always meet the challenge head on and then move forward.” -Coach Anjo

When the mandatory shutdown happened mid-March, they pivoted and decided to loan out all the equipment at the gyms. Optimists went through the “CFO drive thru” picking up equipment from dumbbells to box jumps to assault bikes. During the span of the two months of the gym closure, Coach Mike did “Daily Dose of Optimism” Facebook lives. In order to keep Optimists engaged with the community, there were daily at home workouts published, Facebook live mobility sessions, and a weekly challenge dubbed “Corona Madness.”

Personal Reflections

On a personal note, Coach Anjo shares the special moments at home- cooking, meals together, and spending time with the family. For Coach Mike, he took the time to reset and not worry over the things he could not control. 

“I knew I would never have this time at home with the kids again. I made the conscious decision to chill out, to workout, get rest, and keep the Optimistic community engaged, and know that COVID is not gonna last forever. It’s gonna be okay.” – Coach Mike

Coach Mike shares his final thoughts on 2020:

“Adversity reveals character. When you’re faced with adversity I look at it as a test. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to go around, over, under or through those brick walls? Are you gonna be one to find solutions or be part of the problem? I’ve always said that Crossfit Optimistic, our community, our CrossFit family is 100% and then some part of the solution.” -Coach Mike 

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021

Coach Mike and Coach Anjo share the generosity of the Optimistic community, the behind the scenes work to keep the gyms moving forward, and their hopes for the future. You can listen to the Optimistic podcast using the links above. After you listen, don’t forget to leave us a five star rating and a written review.