Ready To Get Back In the Gym?

Whether it’s your first week back into a regular workout routine or your first time setting foot in a gym, today we’re sharing five tips to help you get back into the swing of things. These tips will help combat soreness, fatigue, and boost motivation to keep working out!

Drink Water

It’s recommended to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water every day, but sometimes that seems like a longshot. Here are quick tips to make that happen:

  • Keep a glass of water next to your bed to drink as soon as you wake up
  • Drink a full glass of water before each meal, and refill your cup to sip while you eat
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you on outings so you can stay hydrated while you are out and about
  • If your work keeps you at a desk, keep a bottle with you there and aim to drink one full bottle by noon and one full bottle by the time you clock out for the day

Eat Protein

“Adequate protein intake ensures that we have the building blocks for recovery, growth, and to prevent muscle breakdown. It’s also the most satiating macronutrient, which makes it useful for combating hunger.” Source: WODPrep

Common sources of protein are chicken, beef and pork, but protein comes in many forms other than just meat. Foods high in protein include fish, eggs, almonds, dairy, some nuts and most vegetables. Recently Coach Rebecca was on the Optimistic Podcast talking about her journey as a vegetarian and how she gets plenty of protein without eating meat!


You’ve heard it many times before, our bodies need roughly 8 hours of sleep every night for optimal recovery and rest. But with busy schedules and busy families, that’s not always achievable. Coach Mike and Coach Anjo are advocates of naps! Catch up on missing hours of sleep during the day and it’ll give you the boost you need to finish your day strong!


When you’re coming back to the gym after any amount of time off, your body will inevitably feel sore. The best way to combat this is stretching. There are dozens of online resources for yoga, mobility, and stretches for the particular area that feels sore. It may feel uncomfortable at first depending on how sore you are, but it will make you feel miles better afterwards. Coach Forrest led several mobility sessions on our Facebook Page, check it out to relax and stretch.

Active Recovery

Coach Forrest advocates for three days on, one day off when it comes to your fitness routine. But days off do not need to be complete rest- active recovery will help alleviate soreness and tight muscles. Active recovery could mean slow jogs, jumping on the trampoline with your kids, or taking your dog on a long walk, to name a few. Active recovery could also help you focus on your mental health, maybe use your day off to read a book, focus on a hobby, or have dinner with your friends. Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to overall health and wellness.

We hope these tips help you as you’re getting back into the gym or starting your new fitness routine. Drinking water, eating protein, sleeping, stretching, and active recovery will be your key to success for keeping your body and mind feeling great! If any of these tips work for you, let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media @crossfitoptimistic.