Shawn Dinsmore in a curly wig

Shawn Dinsmore Stumbling into HBS

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify If you’ve ever worked out at the noon class at North Central, you’ve seen Shawn Dinsmore working out with his wife, Taira, his son, Daniel, and his sister, Megan. In this episode Shawn aka “Shirtless” shares his experience at West Point, how he transitioned out of the Army and went to Harvard Business …

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Coaches Forrest and Anjo smiling outside

CrossFit Essentials for Travel & At Home Workouts

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify Coach Forrest and Coach Anjo share their favorite pieces of CrossFit equipment that they just can’t do without. While none of these are truly “essential,” when you find the pieces that feel like they are made specifically for you, it makes a world of difference in your confidence and performance. Over the last …

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Fermented Foods

Two Fermented Foods for Better Gut Health

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify Coach Anjo is feeding more than just her family in the Martinez house- she’s also feeding bacteria and yeast cultures. What are we talking about? Fermented foods! Specifically her sourdough starter and kefir grains. Coach Anjo gives us the lowdown on how these healthy homemade foods are improving her family’s gut health without …

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Rebecca Black

A Golden Ticket to Happiness With Rebecca Black

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify In 2010 Coach Rebecca Black unknowingly purchased her golden ticket… a groupon to CrossFit. From working at Lockheed Martin to DEFCON conventions spotting FBI agents, Coach Rebecca turned from running with hackers to training Optimists. She shares how she moved from a stressful job to one she loves, her passion for coaching, and …

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COVID-19 convalescent plasma

Renewed Faith in Humanity from COVID-19?!

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify We talked with one of our Optimists, Paul “The Champ” Basaldua about his COVID-19 news. He is giving his post-Coronavirus Blood Plasma to help those still fighting the COVID-19 illness. We want to help spread the story so others may find a way to be part of the solution! You can make a …

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