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Conditioning vs. Weightlifting for a new CrossFitter

When you first start out, CrossFit can seem complicated. You’re moving your body in new ways, learning new skills, and figuring out what all the acronyms mean…it can be overwhelming. A common question I get asked as a coach is “which one is more important, conditioning or weightlifting?” To answer this question, here is a …

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3 Tips to find a Recovery Protein that works for You

I’m Coach Anjo! As a 50 year old woman with experience in focused training to be a competitive Masters CrossFit athlete, I was intentional with my workouts, nutrition, and recovery. I was always of the mindset that if you were eating healthy you can get everything you need from your food, so taking recovery protein …

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5 Tips For Successful Meal Prep And Batch Cooking

Who wants to save time and money and waste less food? I know I do! By meal prepping and batch cooking, you spend a little more time and money up front in order to save those precious commodities down the line. In addition, planning ahead promotes a more gratifying food experience because you’ll be less stressed at mealtimes and have a higher likelihood of sticking to your diet.