CrossFit Essentials for Travel & At Home Workouts

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Coach Forrest and Coach Anjo share their favorite pieces of CrossFit equipment that they just can’t do without. While none of these are truly “essential,” when you find the pieces that feel like they are made specifically for you, it makes a world of difference in your confidence and performance. Over the last few weeks, Coach Forrest and Coach Anjo have been able to test this list while working out at home and really narrow it down to their Top 5.

“While we’re saying these are ‘essential pieces,’ remember that CrossFit is doable with a can-do attitude and some dirt on the ground. You are not required to have any of these things.”

Coach Forrest

Coach Forrest’s Top 5 CrossFit Essentials

* Shoes – sturdy, low profile shoes you can do any kind of workout with, like a Reebok Nano 2.0

1. Jump rope – lightweight and portable, it’s the easiest piece of equipment to carry when you travel. Jumping rope by itself is a solid workout but pairing it with other movements is a good cardio burn.

2. Water bottle – I always need water on the go! I also carry protein powder and Gatorade with me throughout the day, and use the same Blender Bottle for each of them.

3. Wrist wraps – I personally prefer thicker elastic wrist wraps for overhead press, they provide support and comfort during long workouts.

4. Lacrosse ball – you can mobilize any part of your sore body, I like to use it to roll out pecs and shoulders. Recovery is essential, and with a lacrosse ball you can mobilize anywhere using flat surfaces like a wall or door frame.

5. Set of dumbbells – versatile, more portable than a barbell. Everything you can do with a barbell, you can do with a dumbbell!

Coach Anjo’s Top 5 CrossFit Essentials

1. Knee sleeves – they support and warm up joints, protect your knees from the floor, and I find them helpful on runs as well. Good knee sleeves last for years.

2. Jump rope – when you find the jump rope that you love and get the size that is just right for you, it makes a huge difference in your workout.

3. Wrist wraps – helps reduce ache in press movements, I prefer cloth wraps that you can tighten or loosen as needed.

4. Set of dumbbells – small footprint in your garage but large range of movements. Dumbbells also help work on your grip, and you can do both one-arm and two-arm movements for added variety.

5. Blender bottle – water is a necessity, but you can also use a fountain…

Honorable Mentions

For during a workout: chalk, stop watch, whiteboard and dry erase marker, phone for music 

Mobility: voodoo floss, foam roller 

Weightlifting: weight belt, lifting shoes 

Gymnastics: grips or yoga mat squares 

For running: knowing how many steps it takes for measuring 100 meters

Links to buy our favorite equipment:

Shoes – Reebok

Knee sleeves – Rehband

Jump rope – RPM

Wrist wraps – Cloth and Elastic

We’d love to know what your essentials are, so comment down below or message us @optimisticpodcast.