Bon Jovi – Embodying the

Spirit of CrossFit Optimistic


We have quite a few athletes who have been CrossFitting with us for 4 – 5+ years!  Amazing how our relationships and our community continues to grow.  One of the busy classes at our box is the 5:30am class.  What we call “the class with sass”.  Goofy, joking, still waking up, and extremely sassy.  One person in particular sticks out in that group: Bon Jovi aka Troy Retzloff.  He is our bandana wearing, blue-eyed joker that you would NOT recognize outside of the gym in his professional attire as Senior Director of Distribution for HEB.  Bon Jovi has an easy smile, a sassy retort, and rallies the 5:30am’ers when it is time to WOD.  He embodies the spirit of CrossFit Optimistic.  Bon Jovi will be sure to give you a knuckle bump after the WOD, laughs at himself and makes everyone else laugh.  The next time you see this guy be sure to ask him how many bandanas he has in his vast collection.  Thank you Bon Jovi!  I don’t care what other folks say…you don’t give love a bad name.  Hugs and kisses.

Here is a little more info about Bon Jovi:

  1. What brought you to CrossFit? and CFO specifically?

Several years I grew very bored with running by myself and was reluctant to join a traditional gym – I knew that type of routine was not for me.  I drove by CFO one Saturday morning and noticed all the members outside working out together and thought it looked like fun.  I scheduled time to meet with coach Mike and coach Anjo and the rest, as they say, is history!

  1. What was the biggest hurdle for you when starting CrossFit (or after you started)?  (CrossFit intimidating, myths around CrossFit, etc.)

My first day, first few weeks actually, I was intimidated by all the other athletes and, many times, was last in my class finishing.  For weeks/months, I was very sore but, my body adapted – I got stronger and much better conditioned.

  1. What pleasantly surprised you about CrossFit?

I love the team work, support and passion everyone has for their health and each other.  The camaraderie is fantastic. 

  1. What other big changes have you made since making CrossFit part of your routine (nutrition, family, community, habits, etc.)

I WOD very regularly and continue to run a couple of times per week.  If I miss a class, I feel terrible and know I’ll get hazed by all my CrossFit “friends”!  My health was never bad, but it has significantly improved with CrossFit.

  1. What advice or words of wisdom would you pass on to folks considering joining a CrossFit program?

Don’t be scared, just do it.  The team work will be the boost you need to want to come in for every workout!

  1. Anything else…

Since joining CrossFit, I have run several half marathons and finally achieved a bucket list goal of running a sub two-hour half marathon…twice!  I am faster at 50 than I was at 25!  This would not have happened without CrossFit, my CrossFit friends and the best coaches anywhere!