Member Spotlight: “All American” aka Nick LoPresti

Nick and Kay Lee made the leap and haven’t looked back.  They are staples at our 6:30 p.m. class.  Loyal to our Optimistic family and our terrific community.  Hear (and see) what Nick has to say about his CrossFit journey.  Honored to have you as a part of our CrossFit Optimistic family.  Y’all are looking fantastic!
1.  What brought you into CrossFit Optimistic?
I had finally accepted that I was not going to get back in shape on my own. My wife (Kay Lee) and a small group of our friends had really talked up CrossFit as an option. We read a few Yelp reviews and then realized CrossFit Optimistic was literally across the road from our home. This was huge for me because I knew I would have no excuses after work to not go. I wouldn’t be able to say “It’s too far away” or “Traffic’s too bad tonight.” 
2.  What was the biggest hurdle for you when starting at CrossFit Optimistic (or after you started)? (CrossFit intimidating, myths around CrossFit, etc.)
My biggest hurdle was putting pride aside. I have always been super-competitive with others and with myself. On paper, some of the workouts didn’t seem as though I would not be able to finish within a time cap, do the Rx weight, or not perform at a high level. This got discouraging early on because I felt as though I wasn’t living up to my own standards – the idea that I could walk into something and immediately perform at a high level. After a couple of classes and some friendly guidance from other athletes I discovered that finishing a workout fast did not necessarily mean doing a workout properly. Patience became practice. 
3.  What pleasantly surprised you about CrossFit Optimistic?
I had no idea that CrossFit would have such a strong sense of comradery and community! Coming into CrossFit, I thought it was an individual sport where people would only care about their results and their performance. But from day one I was encouraged, motivated, and pushed by fellow athletes – many times while they were in the middle of their own workouts! I have been involved in team sports since I was a child so I never thought there would be a team atmosphere in individual competition, so to find it at an entire gym was a very pleasant surprise.
4.  What other big changes have you made since making CrossFit Optimistic part of your routine? (nutrition, family, community, habits, etc.)
Two weeks after we started at CFO we were introduced to Project Genesis. The program/challenge drastically changed our eating habits – and I have not gone back to the way I ate before. I only touched fast food twice last year and both times were at an airport. I enter every single item I eat or drink into my Fitbit app (so, yes, I also got a FitBit to track progress). I now save alcohol for the weekend, whereas I would previously drink somewhere between a few to a lot of adult beverages every night of the week. And whenever I do go overboard, I want to get back to the box to work it off. The end result? I started CFO at the end of March 2016 weighing 284 pounds and at the beginning of 2017 I weigh 217 pounds. People are noticing both weight loss and muscle gain. CrossFit is my habit now!