Member Spotlight: Jordan Clower

If you have not met Jordan Clower, let me tell you a little bit about her fantastic transformation that started in October 2015.  Jordan found Crossfit Optimistic with the intention of participating in our nutrition program, Project Genesis.  Project Genesis gave Jordan a different way to think about food, changed her nutrition habits, and provided the accountability to stay on track.  Little did she know she would LOVE CrossFit too!  Now, almost a year later she is CrossFitting regularly. We asked Jordan if she could give us some more info about her life-changing journey.


  1. What brought you into CrossFit Optimistic?

Brenda [Stewart] has always talked so highly about CrossFit, but not CrossFit Optimistic specifically. It’s really all thanks to her that I started. She convinced me to try Project Genesis; she told me it was only 4 weeks long and that I could pick my own partner! Sneaky Brenda!


  1. What was the biggest hurdle when you started CrossFit?

I have never been an athlete or someone who enjoys working out so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I don’t have an athletic background. I didn’t even entertain the idea that there were scaling options so it never seemed like an option.


  1. What surprised you about CrossFit?

Honestly I have been surprised by how much I enjoy it. I don’t feel like I’m going to the gym for a CrossFit workout. It’s not something I dread (unless burpees are involved), like the way I used to dread the gym. I have never had that feeling before when it came to getting in shape.


  1. What other big changes have you made since starting CrossFit?

The largest changes I’ve made have been with my relationship and food. I look at food now for what it is, fuel. I understand now that for certain workouts I should/shouldn’t eat something if I want to be successful. There are so may things that I used to love and now I can’t bring myself to eat them because I have a better understanding of what it will do to my body and my performance. When I do indulge, it’s something that has to be pretty awesome. I also have a much better relationship with my body and my goals have completely changed. I used to want to be skinny and that’s it. Now I want to be strong. My goals are not just focused on weight loss.


  1. What advice or words of wisdom would you pass on to folks considering joining a CrossFit program?

That, seriously, if I can do it, anyone can! Just give it a shot.