Member Spotlight: Tori Parker

Tori was brought into our CrossFit Optimistic family by taking advantage of a Saturday morning corporate class sponsored by a current Optimist’s company. Check out Tori’s story and see how far she has come since joining us as a full time member in July of 2016.
1.  What brought you into CrossFit Optimistic?
I gave CrossFit Optimistic a try when my boss set up a company CrossFit class last spring. At the time, I already had a routine of lifting with light cardio 5-6 days a week but I was looking for other activities to try. My boss had nothing but the best to say about it, so I took a chance!
2.  What was the biggest hurdle for you when starting at CrossFit Optimistic (or after you started)? (CrossFit intimidating, myths around CrossFit, etc.)
My primary challenge when I joined CFO was mental. Mentally, I struggled with my change in my fitness routine. I was very comfortable with my gym, the equipment there, and the solitude and anonymity of my gym time (I never talked to anyone, never shared equipment; I went into the gym, did my thing solo and took off). The idea of making friends in the gym was foreign and kind of scary to me. I also struggled physically to keep up with the WODs. The first 3-4 months of CrossFit was a nearly constant ego check as I learned just how much I had to learn. It was a humbling experience daily to meet my limits, see what I could accomplish and experience the unconditional support from my coaches and fellow CrossFitters, many of whom routinely believed in me more than I did myself.
3.  What pleasantly surprised you about CrossFit Optimistic?
Before I became a member, everyone I spoke to said the people make CFO what it is. It was very intimidating for me to start a new fitness routine, I felt no sense of familiarity pulling into my first class. That changed within the first 5 minutes of class where Forrest introduced me to everyone, every single member welcomed me by name and cheered me on. And every time I’ve stepped into the box since that first day has been exactly the same. When others say the people make CFO exceptional, they’re absolutely correct. It’s not an act or a one-time welcome committee, it’s a family.
4.  What other big changes have you made since making CrossFit Optimistic part of your routine? (nutrition, family, community, habits, etc.)
Since starting CFO, I’ve started taking better care of myself as a whole- I make conscious efforts to drink more water, sleep more and eat better quality, cleaner foods. I’ve become more confident in my physical abilities and I find myself pushing harder because I’m excited to see what my body is capable of. I’ve taken up running and I recently ran my first ever 5k without stopping- a huge feat for me! I’ve deepened friendships with co-workers, and forged relationships that I truly believe will last my lifetime.