Memorial Day Murph

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In this episode of the Optimistic Podcast Coaches Mike, Anjo, and Forrest sit down to talk about LT. Michael Murphy and the Hero WOD named after him, Memorial Day “Murph.” Coach Anjo and the team discuss what a Hero workout is and what it means to them.

Coach Mike talks about the importance of remembering Fallen Heroes and the special place they have in his heart. Finally, Forrest breaks down the workout and the group talks about some fond Murph memories. Stay tuned for some of the surprises and secrets Coach Mike drops!

The Importance of Hero WODs to the CrossFit Community

It’s all about digging in for some mental toughness and getting the work done. Coach Anjo enjoys Hero WODs because they are a bit more challenging than the average workout. For Coach Mike, it’s the least we can do, for the men and women who gave the most. Memorial Day Murph is about memorializing LT. Michael Murphy, and as Coach Mike says “we can get uncomfortable, to comprehend a fraction of the sacrifice he gave.” It is important to coach Forrest because he gets to have a shared experience with all the Optimists and builds a strong bond from the challenge of the workout.

Murph is for everyone

For CrossFit Optimistic, Murph can be a “shared time of suffering,” but what Coach Anjo and Forrest point out is how athletes of ALL fitness levels scale back the workout so they can get fit with their friends at their own pace. Murph is challenging relative to who you are, and as long as you are dipping your toe in the challenge, you can develop thay symbolic connection with your fellow athletes, and the hero’s we are memorializing.

More About Memorial Day Murph

Coach Mike also talks about how Murph was his first workout in CrossFit ever! Imagine what a sick joke that must have been… He also shares a little secret involving Coach Anjo at the CrossFit Games! You’ll have to listen to find out.

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