Optimistic Health

FREE Beginner Fitness Classes

Do you want to pick up your grandkids?
Do you want to live independently?
Do your joints feel achy and sore?

Join us at CrossFit Optimistic, where we will give you a starting point to better health and wellness! It can be intimidating starting a new fitness routine, which is why this beginner fitness class is instructor led. With step by step direction, you will get exercise that is safe, concise and can fit in any individual’s lifestyle.

Endorsed by the Mayor's Fitness Council

Optimistic Health is inspired by CrossFit Health and the health and wellness teachings of Greg Glassman, the Founder of CrossFit.

Optimistic Health will teach and train you in functional fitness, meaning it copies movements you already do in your everyday life. This beginner program will focus on:

  • Mobility

  • Bodyweight movements at your own pace

  • Build strength to live independently and staying active

  • picking up objects off the floor

  •  sitting down

  • getting up off the ground


Beginner Fitness Class Schedule

3 month FREE program: February 3rd – April 29th

Every Monday and Wednesday 


CrossFit Optimistic Alamo Heights

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Chris Neil, 68 years old

“I felt like I could see the nursing home in the distance before, when I wasn’t even 60 years old. People who don’t eat right or exercise they don’t realize that if they stop moving they are going to STOP moving. It’s that simple.

I had been overweight since I had quit smoking. I started a routine of push-ups and sit-ups. I tried to keep it up on my own, and it was just really hard just all by myself, especially coming from behind how far I was. I was overweight. I was really afraid of CrossFit. I didn’t think I could do it. Now I’m just addicted."

After ten years of working with people of all walks of life, wounded warriors, kids, cancer survivors, we want to use our knowledge and know-how to get San Antonians closer to their fitness goals. We want to give you a starting point to better health and wellness. We have seen first hand how an active lifestyle can change lives.

What has motivated us coaching CrossFit is hearing the success stories like “I’m not pre-diabetic anymore, I don’t feel my lower back hurting anymore, I can lift up my grandchildren” … those stories give us chills because those successes change people for a lifetime- and we are very passionate about that.

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Coach Forrest

Coach Forrest holds the CrossFit Level 1 Certification, and specializes in helping Teens and Masters athletes learn proper movements and modifications. He has been coaching for 6 years and has worked with all ages from kids to men and women in their “seasoned” years. He specializes in tailoring workout to individuals needs, whether that is in personal training or group sessions. Forrest puts the optimism in CrossFit Optimistic.

Coach Anjo

Angelina is gym manager at CrossFit Optimistic North Central. Prior to her CrossFit journey Angelina worked in the biotechnology field as a Senior Quality Engineer. She and her family left the Austin area to move to San Antonio in 2010. CrossFit Optimistic is an extension of her family, developing strong relationships and building a more fit San Antonio. Angelina is married to Mike and together they have four kids, Forrest, India, Sierra, and Maya. Angelina graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from St. Mary’s University here in San Antonio, Texas. She holds the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2, Olympic lifting, Rowing, Kids, Endurance and Mobility certifications. When not CrossFitting you’ll find Angelina spending every minute with her kiddos.

Doc Reich

Dr. Scott Reich is a cardiologist, Air Force veteran, and has been working out at CrossFit Optimist for many years. In 2019 he recieved his CrossFit L1 certification at the MDL1 course specifically for doctors. He will be coaching the Optimistic Health classes with Coach Forrest and Coach Anjo.
“I’m interested in fitness from a personal level but as a professional, I’m interested in patient’s health and I can see the advantages of physical activity. I think CrossFit teaches you the fundamental movement patterns that are essential for everyday activities that translate to young physically fit people as well as the elderly.” - Doc Reich