Coach Josh

It wasn’t long after Coach Josh discovered CrossFit in 2010 that he decided, after a little gentle nudging from a mentor in the community, to get into coaching. By 2011, he was an instructor who recognized the life-changing potential CrossFit offers to those who commit to it. He’s found significant positive impact, both physically and mentally, on his life and enjoys sharing that impact with others.

A CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Coach Josh played collegiate baseball and quickly fell in love with the competitive nature of CrossFit. He is the competition director for the CrossFit Games South Regional, a position he’s held since 2012.

Though his favorite CrossFit WODs include a barbell (and when it’s barbell exclusively, it’s THAT MUCH BETTER), Coach Josh has committed to spending more time working on metcons and not cursing body-weight movements while in the middle of a workout. He’s even been caught smiling at the top of a bar or ring muscle up.

Outside of CrossFit, there are several things that occupy Coach Josh’s time. He’s married to  his best friend, Ashley, who always supports his mad CrossFit Adventure — sometimes grudgingly. They have two amazing daughters, who seem to nearly always be involved in a love-hate struggle (Spoiler alert: Love (almost) always wins!).

He also owns Barrel House Beard Co., a company that has been making men’s manes supple and sexy since 2014. And in case you didn’t know — because his social media is all about CrossFit — Coach Josh is a full-time senior reporter at the San Antonio Express-News, where he writes mostly about City Hall.