Sarah Schimpff

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Forrest talks with Sarah Schimpff, a member from CrossFit Optimistic Alamo Heights. She gives the scoop on how she found CrossFit and now what it’s like working out pregnant. With new fitness goals and motherhood on the horizon she shares part of her journey as she prepares for her first child. Sarah talks about her work in public relations, her Persian roots, and working out with her husband Carter.


At the time of this episode, Sarah Schimpff was 18 weeks pregnant. Now, as we have released this episode, she is farther along in her pregnancy and her due date is May 20th! Sarah is preparing to become a mother and welcome her and Carter’s first child.

Sarah and Carter have had a lot of changes in a short amount of time. In August they moved to San Antonio, got pregnant, and now have become members at CrossFit Optimistic Alamo Heights. 

“I love that all the coaches have experience coaching pregnant women. So that is one thing I don’t have to worry about. I know physically what I’m capable of, I’ve had years of listening to my body, and I know not to push myself to where I’m not comfortable. But it’s nice to know that coaches who are really knowledgeable and who have done this before are right there to support me or help me modify something if I need it.” 

How Sarah Schimpff Found CrossFit

She tried hot yoga, but felt that she was still missing something in her fitness routine. When she tried CrossFit, she found that intensity, the piece that was missing in her workout routine.  

“I love that intensity. I love pushing myself. It’s uncomfortable, not in a bad way, but just you are challenging yourself constantly. How fast can you go, how heavy can you lift- obviously safety first. But that’s way different than hot yoga or zumba or anything else like that. There’s something about how it tests you mentally as well as physically.” 

Sarah originally found CrossFit in 2013 in Fort Worth, and it was her Coach’s first day teaching. “I became an OG at their gym and with their CrossFit program.”

More From the Episode

To hear more about Sarah’s CrossFit journey with her husband and her pregnancy, press play! Sarah Schimpff gives CrossFit analogies that touch on life, marriage and motherhood. As she looks towards her future family of three, she talks about her Persian roots and how they will influence the upbringing of her daughter. Take a listen wherever you get your podcasts!