Every month, CrossFit Optimistic hosts a skills clinic. For 90 minutes we focus on bringing you closer to mastering movements with proper technique. You will work on drills and progressions, and we will give you tips and tricks to make you better.

These Clinics are FREE for members and $25 for drop-ins.

2018 Skill Clinics

This was the first time I had to really learn proper technique on rope climbing and really found what worked for me; Having the time to practice outside of a WOD was nice.
Kurt Harris
I found the clean clinic to be extremely helpful. I had picked up some bad habits and the drills that we worked on really helped me get back my form. So much so that I was able to PR after a weight that had be chasing for a while.
Rico Suave
I enjoy the positive energy and enthusiasm! I was able to improve my jump rope technique and ordered a new rope after the clinic so that I can continue practicing at home.
Nick Gutierrez