CrossFit Kids and Teens

Summer 2021 Classes are Open for Enrollment

We are holding 5 weeks of CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens classes Monday through Friday this year starting on Monday, June 7th, 2021.

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Class Structure

Each class begins with a warm-up, a skill component, and then a workout that incorporates the skill. The class structure includes an array of skills: coordination, agility, cardiovascular endurance, etc. During each class we focus on teaching proper technique in a fun way! This challenges young athletes in a safe environment to foster improvement in physical fitness at all skill levels. CrossFit Kids classes are for ages 5-10 and CrossFit Teens classes are for ages 11-16.

Need more information? Contact Coach Anjo at angelina@crossfitoptimistic.com

Fitness for a Lifetime

At CrossFit Optimistic we strive to instill in our young athletes the importance of a healthy active lifestyle. Through workouts and creating a dialogue about healthy eating, we teach kids that fitness is fun. With kids out of school for the summer, CrossFit is the perfect way to keep them active and ready for sports and P.E. in the fall! Even if your children are playing sports this summer, CrossFit is a great way to keep your child engaged learning new skills.

Registration is Open

When you sign up there will be a $25 registration fee to save your child’s spot that will go towards enrollment. We need 5 students minimum to hold the week sessions.

CrossFit Kids Sign-Up

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Summer 2021 Dates
June 7-11 (cancelled)
June 21-25
July 5-9
July 19-23
Aug 2-6
Class Times
Monday through Friday
Kids Class: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Teens Class: 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Classes at North Central

$115 per week for each child enrolled

Coach Anjo

Coach Anjo has been training kids for nine years as as CrossFit Kids Certified Coach and knows how to safely train young athletes in a fun and engaging way. Her priority is teaching kids good technique and a love for life-long fitness!

Angelina is the gym manager at CrossFit Optimistic North Central. Prior to her CrossFit journey Angelina worked in the biotechnology field as a Senior Quality Engineer. She and her family left the Austin area to move to San Antonio in 2010 to pursue a career in CrossFit. CrossFit Optimistic is an extension of her family, developing strong relationships and building a more fit San Antonio. She is married to Mike and together they have four kids, Forrest, India, Sierra, and Maya.

Coach Anjo graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from St. Mary’s University here in San Antonio, Texas. She holds the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2, Olympic lifting, Rowing, Kids, Endurance and Mobility certifications. When not CrossFitting you’ll find Angelina spending every minute with her kiddos. You can reached Coach Anjo at angelina@crossfitoptimistic.com.

Coach Forrest

Coach Forrest got his start in CrossFit as a teen athlete 10 years ago. He has been coaching adults and kids for the past 7 years and knows how to appropriately scale young athletes in a fun and engaging way. Forrest's priority is teaching proper technique and aiming to inspire a lifelong love for fitness!

Forrest is a proud Texas A&M graduate and holds the CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Level 2 Certification. He has greatly enjoyed being part of the international CrossFit community through volunteering at several CrossFit Regionals and CrossFit Games events. Forrest puts the optimism in CrossFit Optimistic! His favorite motivational line? "We're going to have a breakdown to break through."

Coach Forrest can be reached at forrest@crossfitoptimistic.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will weightlifting negatively affect my child’s growth?

In short, no. Through safe and proper technique in all the weightlifting movements your child will gain proficiency and understanding on how to use a barbell. In fact, weightlifting has been shown to reduce the risk of injuries for muscles and joints. Here is a CrossFit Kids article dispelling myths about kids and weightlifting.

How does exercise affect the brain?

“By offering novel experiences, creating repetition, incorporating complex movements and effectively grouping stimuli, we help our kids to learn better, remember more and experience permanence in skill development.”

Cyndi Rodi – Level II certified CrossFit Trainer, CrossFit Kids Programmer and Trainer

Want more information about the benefits of CrossFit Kids and Teens programming?

Check out our this NPR article “Is CrossFit Training Good For Kids?”  and CrossFit Kids Journal Video to learn more about how the CrossFit Kids and Teens program makes fitness fun!

What are the age requirements to be a part of the CrossFit Teens program?

CrossFit Kids classes are for children ages 5-10 years old.

Teens classes are for pre-teens to teens ages 11-16.

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