Our Culture

Mission, Vision, Values & Our Brand Promise

Our mission is an open proclamation of our purpose and serves as a standard for our actions and decisions. Our vision guides us in our day to day operations as we strive to achieve growth in our industry and relationships. The values we exude and perpetuate on a daily basis act as our moral compass that guides our behaviors and sets the foundation for our culture.


Mission Statement

CrossFit Optimistic provides a value-based service that develops and empowers individuals and gives HOPE to everyone striving to meet their fitness goals



To foster a healthy and fit community built on meaningful relationships forged through CrossFit Optimistic

Strong Spirit
· Deliver excellence
· Persevere
· Aspire to be great and inspire greatness; See it, Will it, Do it
· Believe in your actions...
every minute, every hour of every day
· Give your best every day
in everything you do and own it
· Be genuinely humble. Have a proper
perspective of how we see ourselves and
knowing that every person has equal worth
· Have courage; be brave and live with honor
Warm and Loving Heart
· Build relationships; it’s all about people

· Live our values

· Create a positive, fun environment

· Celebrate the wins and always smile

· Balance family, work and training

Attitude is Everything
· Lead by example

· Be unique

· Don’t take things too seriously

· Keep it in perspective and laugh at yourself

· Be a team player

· Rejoice with our members. Listen, smile and knuckle bump ‘em

Our Brand Promise

We promise to be a catalyst for change in San Antonio health and fitness,

To be the premier business that brings people together, connecting them socially and emotionally like no other,

And to inspire moments of triumph and to uplift the human spirit

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