In the San Antonio Community

For more than 10 years, CrossFit Optimistic has been in the San Antonio community doing what we love – sharing our love of health and fitness through coaching CrossFit. Let’s reflect on some highlights from the past decade!   2010: Victory 400 After serving in Iraq from 2004-2005, Coach Mike felt the need to give …

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Transitioning from Clean to Split Jerk

CLEAN AND JERK / verb: jumping a barbell from a stationary position on the floor and receiving it in a supported, active position, first in the front rack and secondarily the overhead position. If you can jump, you can clean and jerk! In the words of Coach Mike Burgener: “We need to learn to JUMP the barbell …

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If You Can Jump, You Can Snatch!

SNATCH /snaCH/ verb: jumping a barbell from a stationary position on the floor and receiving it in a supported, active position overhead. If you can jump, you can snatch! In the Snatch Skill Clinic, lead by Coach Tori, she focused primarily on good setup, keeping the bar close, and getting to the full open-hip position. This …

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Prep Workouts for Murph

1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run Last year, we broke down different strategies you can use to break up Murph reps, like the Leg Saver and Pushup Saver. This year, we want to show you different workouts you can do each week in May to prep you for …

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Community at CrossFit

What to Expect at CrossFit Optimistic

We built CrossFit Optimistic to foster a healthy and fit community built on meaningful relationships, forged through CrossFit Optimistic. Our mission is to provide a value-based service that develops and empowers individuals and gives hope to everyone striving to meet their fitness goals. Are you interested in CrossFit and want to learn more about it? Or maybe …

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The 2022 CrossFit Optimistic Open Wrapped

Just like that, the 2022 CrossFit Open is over! Three weeks of competition = three weeks of community fun and Free Beer Fridays. As a gym, our favorite part of the Open each year is watching athletes push themselves to try movements or weights they’ve never done before. First pull-up, first wall walks, some athletes …

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Remembering Lisa “LFR” Starr Rosenstein

Lisa “LFR” Starr Rosenstein was a vibrant member of the Optimistic community. On March 6, we are honoring Lisa’s memory and love of running with a 5k run. The most important things to Lisa were her family, friends and fitness. Any time she could combine her loves together, she was supremely happy. Lisa Starr Rosenstein …

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The 2022 CrossFit Open is Here!

Just like that, it’s time for another CrossFit Open season. Is this your first year competing in the Open? Maybe your fifth? However many years it’s been, we hope this is the year you reach a new PR, try a movement you’ve never done before, or RX a WOD you thought would be especially tough. …

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2021 Murph at NC

2021 Wrapped

January A Word from Coach Mike To start off 2021, Coach Mike shared some words of wisdom… Always move forward. Constantly put yourself in uncomfortable positions that force your hand to learn, improve and grow. Have a desire to be better than the day before. Never settle for the same ole same ole. Never accept …

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Thankful for CrossFit Optimistic

There’s no better season to reflect on what we’re grateful for than Thanksgiving. CrossFit Optimistic, and the community of members that make up the gym, has changed the lives of the Martinez family in countless ways. We wanted to take a moment for each family member to share why they are thankful for CrossFit Optimistic, …

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