2021 Murph at NC

2021 Wrapped

January A Word from Coach Mike To start off 2021, Coach Mike shared some words of wisdom… Always move forward. Constantly put yourself in uncomfortable positions that force your hand to learn, improve and grow. Have a desire to be better than the day before. Never settle for the same ole same ole. Never accept …

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Optimistic Wins

CrossFit Optimistic is full of extraordinary individuals who are making a difference in our community – through personal wins, professional achievements, and just good ole fashioned fun! We want to highlight and celebrate some of these individuals. By no means is this an extensive list of the great things happening in our box, but hopefully …

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Breakdown to Breakthrough: Celebrating 4 Years of Alamo Heights

CrossFit Optimistic will soon celebrate Alamo Heights’ four year anniversary the best way we know how – through a community workout. As the team has been reflecting on what these last four years have meant to us, we want to share which moments have stood out the most and what we believe makes CrossFit Optimistic …

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We Put the “Optimist” in CrossFit Optimistic

In April, Optimists cheered on our Coaches for the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals and prepped for big events coming in May! Events like the Open & Quarterfinals, when our community comes together to cheer on other members in their fitness endeavors, really brings us back to our roots and reminds us that we put the “Optimist” …

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Rodgers Brothers: Heart of the CrossFit Games

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify Today we have Coach Mike talking to the Rodgers Brothers, Billy and Danny- the behind the scenes guys at the CrossFit Games. If the CrossFit volunteers and staff are the blood of the Games, the Rodgers brothers are the heart and soul! Billy and Danny manage everything outside the competition floor from bleachers, …

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February 2021 Optimistic Roundup

February at CrossFit Optimistic was a rollercoaster! Athletes celebrated major wins, and banded together through a tough winter storm. The CrossFit Open is just around the corner, so February continued January’s efforts of increasing strength and skill across the CrossFit spectrum. 800g Challenge Starting February 8, Optimists joined the 800g Challenge, aiming to eat a …

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