Prep Workouts for Murph

1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run Last year, we broke down different strategies you can use to break up Murph reps, like the Leg Saver and Pushup Saver. This year, we want to show you different workouts you can do each week in May to prep you for …

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Community at CrossFit

What to Expect at CrossFit Optimistic

We built CrossFit Optimistic to foster a healthy and fit community built on meaningful relationships, forged through CrossFit Optimistic. Our mission is to provide a value-based service that develops and empowers individuals and gives hope to everyone striving to meet their fitness goals. Are you interested in CrossFit and want to learn more about it? Or maybe …

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2021 Murph at NC

2021 Wrapped

January A Word from Coach Mike To start off 2021, Coach Mike shared some words of wisdom… Always move forward. Constantly put yourself in uncomfortable positions that force your hand to learn, improve and grow. Have a desire to be better than the day before. Never settle for the same ole same ole. Never accept …

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Optimistic Wins

CrossFit Optimistic is full of extraordinary individuals who are making a difference in our community – through personal wins, professional achievements, and just good ole fashioned fun! We want to highlight and celebrate some of these individuals. By no means is this an extensive list of the great things happening in our box, but hopefully …

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Breakdown to Breakthrough: Celebrating 4 Years of Alamo Heights

CrossFit Optimistic will soon celebrate Alamo Heights’ four year anniversary the best way we know how – through a community workout. As the team has been reflecting on what these last four years have meant to us, we want to share which moments have stood out the most and what we believe makes CrossFit Optimistic …

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Future Faces of CrossFit

One of CrossFit Optimistic’s favorite programs to host each summer is our Kids & Teens sessions. Seeing the joy in their faces when they do the same workouts as their parents, sharing their feeling of success when they master a brand new movement, and just the infectious energy of our youngest Optimists make these summer …

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