Breakdown to Breakthrough: Celebrating 4 Years of Alamo Heights

CrossFit Optimistic will soon celebrate Alamo Heights’ four year anniversary the best way we know how – through a community workout. As the team has been reflecting on what these last four years have meant to us, we want to share which moments have stood out the most and what we believe makes CrossFit Optimistic Alamo Heights a diamond in the rough (rough alley, that is!).


Coach Forrest

When I think about our anniversary, I look back at all the amazing memories I have with members at the gym through events like Murph, this upcoming anniversary WOD, celebrating birthdays and celebrating kids being born!

My favorite part of being a coach is best shared through a recent experience I had with an athlete named Anna aka “K-Pop”. She isn’t an old member yet, she actually just started with us, but she is the embodiment of everything we believe here at CrossFit Optimistic. She comes in and works hard, she focuses on her individual workout, and works to get better and get healthier. Watching her set up for a lift, I always catch myself clenching my fists – I get secondhand energy from the explosive energy and power of her lift.

So lucky that we’ve been around for four years and so happy that I get to be here and share amazing moments with so many fun and unique people. Can’t wait to see what Year 5 brings!



My favorite part of CrossFit Optimistic Alamo Heights is how strong the sense of community is here. I’ve never been anywhere where friends feel this much like family. Everyone’s so happy – we’re sharing our wins, we’re mourning each other’s losses, and you feel connected in a whole different way.

The best example of this is the Schimpff family! When they first started with us, Sarah hadn’t yet announced that she was pregnant. When she told us, we all celebrated together, and cheered her on while she continued to workout during the duration of her pregnancy. Once Addison was born she was immediately a part of the Optimistic family, she’s as much a member as anyone else. Now, the Schimpffs will bring Addie to a workout and she sits in her playpen in the corner and cheers us on as we work out!

Another example of our strong sense of community can be seen through events like our Christmas “White Elephant” Gift exchange, an event where people from all classes came together. Even if you haven’t worked out with this person or you haven’t met that person, because you’re a member of Alamo Heights you’re instantly friends and feel that Optimistic connection.


Coach Chip

I’ve been coming to Alamo Heights for two of its four years. My best memory is experiencing the joy of fitness with my family. About 90 days after I started, my wife joined, then 90 days later my son Caden and daughter Rylie started coming too. Rylie had the intention of learning pull-ups for her application to West Point, and thanks to Coach Anjo and Coach Forrest she was able to gain that skill!

At some point, I have been in the gym and worked out with all four of my kids. One morning, I was here with Rylie and Caden and we were doing wall sits. I’m in my head thinking “get deep, hold the static position,” and I look up and my son is right there, eyeballing me and his sister, then sits a little deeper. So I think “alright, it’s on!” I look to the other side and there’s my daughter, eyeballing me and Caden. We had this triumvirate of who was tougher, and we pushed each other to hold the position longer than we would have alone.

The spirit of CrossFit is certainly flowing through the blood of the O’Neal family and thankfully so. It’s not only your blood family that comes here, but everyone else that comes in and out of those doors – we’re all family. Looking forward to celebrating these last four years!