Optimistic Wins

CrossFit Optimistic is full of extraordinary individuals who are making a difference in our community – through personal wins, professional achievements, and just good ole fashioned fun! We want to highlight and celebrate some of these individuals. By no means is this an extensive list of the great things happening in our box, but hopefully this provides a dose of optimism to push you to keep moving forward if you’re stuck in a rut. We believe in you, we champion you, we celebrate you!


Ladies Only WOD

We ended September with a spectacular turnout at our first (but definitely not last) Ladies Only WOD. We created a partner workout on the fly and cheered each other on the whole time! Afterwards, the women gathered in a circle and introduced themselves. There are so many new faces added to our boxes every day, several women had never met each other before!


Kim & Maija Jim & Bobby


Left to Right: Dog Pound (Kimberly) & J Cup (Maija), Stewbo (Jim) & Urban Cowboy (Bobby)


One. Million. Meters

At the beginning of the year, Coach Mike issued a grand challenge – row 1,000,000 meters by December 31. As of October 9, Judi reached her million! She used to come early to Alamo Heights every Saturday morning to get her row in, but mid-year Judi invested in a rower for her home gym and then she became unstoppable. Congratulations “Unchained” for rowing 1 million meters!


Member Wins



Happy Birthday, Coach Forrest!

We couldn’t end this post without a particularly warm “Happy Birthday” to our own Coach Forrest.