Personal Training

Fitness to Fit Your Schedule

Come join us for a customized training experience tailored to your schedule and focused on YOUR goals. It all starts with a strategy session with your Coach to help you see the big picture for overall health and wellness.

Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management, Sleep—we will provide structure, accountability, and an individually designed wellness program to change habits for long-term success.

Reach Your Goals

We offer all our Regular Group Fitness classes with an Option to add a Personal Training session once per week OR you can purchase Personal Training sessions a la carte.

You will meet with your Coach for a private, personalized class to help you reach your goals or work on specific skills. Your Personal Training Coach will give you strategic guidance, track your metrics, and get you past roadblocks to build lasting habits specific to you and your lifestyle.

Packages and Pricing

After ten years of working with people of all walks of life, wounded warriors, kids, cancer survivors, we want to use our knowledge and know-how to get you closer to your fitness goals. We want to give you a starting point to better health and wellness. We have seen first hand how an active lifestyle can change lives.

What has motivated us coaching CrossFit is hearing the success stories like “I’m not pre-diabetic anymore, I don’t feel my lower back hurting anymore, I’m not taking any medications.” Those stories give us chills because those successes change people for a lifetime- and we are very passionate about that.


Personal Training and on-your-own workouts

All of your workouts will be specifically tailored to you with up to 3 personal training sessions a week and two additional workouts for you to complete on your own. You can do the on-your-own workouts during “After Hours Access” when the gym is not being used for regularly scheduled classes.

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Personal Training and CrossFit Classes

Get the best of both worlds! Get one-on-one personal training once or twice a week and then join your friends for CrossFit class.

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A La Carte

Focus on a specific skill or dial in technique with a single personal training session. The coach can train you at the gym or at your home!

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