Scheduling and Pricing

Unlimited Membership
$185 Month
Unlimited means unlimited. Come as often as you like! After Hours Access included.
3x Weekly Membership
$160 Month
Most popular membership. Let’s get fit!

2x Weekly Membership
$140 Month
A great way to get started,
or for those who travel frequently.

$200 each
Great for frequent drop-ins from out of town!

After Hours Access

Can’t make it to class? Get your WOD on outside of regular class hours. After Hours Access is included in your unlimited membership or is a monthly $10 add-on cost to your 2x or 3x weekly membership. The add-on is not applicable to drop-ins, trial memberships or punch cards.

Heart Rate Monitor Training

Track your workout using a Myzone Heart Rate monitor. Myzone accurately and conveniently monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising in real time and converts that into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). It uses a game-based platform and social experience that rewards effort not fitness, motivating you to reach your personal best. The heart rate monitor is $84.95 and there is a recurring $5 monthly streaming service fee.

All memberships options are good for both locations: CrossFit Optimistic North Central and CrossFit Optimistic Alamo Heights.

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