No Longer Pre-Diabetic

"Blue Devil" aka Edith

Ever since 2017 when I was considered “prediabetic” because my sugar levels were on their way to high levels- it scares me because my parents and grandparents are diabetic. After my results I kept working out hard and joined Project Genesis. I learned a lot about sugar and experienced the effects of not consuming sugar (I was grumpy but feeling cleaner). I did lower my sugar consumption after Project Genesis because I learned about food and what it does to my body...I actually felt it!

Then I went through a VERY HEALTHY pregnancy. No issues with my glucose or anything else and it was PERFECT! Last week I went to my regular family doctors after 2 years and got my labs done. I was a little nervous because with pregnancy and nursing I have not been eating as clean as I should. I was nervous but I got my labs back and they are looking GOOD!!! And I’m 100% sure that it is because of my consistent workouts. THANK YOU for what you do!

Family-like Atmosphere

"Captain Mike" aka Mike

“The name says it all. The coaches are top notch --effectively teaching technique, encouraging you to push yourself and genuinely taking an interest in everyone regardless of skill level. Also, the members have a unique bond and have helped cultivate a relaxed, family-like atmosphere. I truly look forward to coming to CFO --even if we have to do overhead squats!”

Whole New Level of Confidence

"5th Ave" aka Sally Johnson

“CrossFit Optimistic provides an exceptionally welcoming workout environment. The staff is fully engaged with the membership and committed to helping us achieve our goals. I've gained strength and endurance and a whole new level of confidence in my abilities, which has transcended the gym and affected other aspects of my life in the most positive ways. I've made some great friends and it really feels like my home away from home. It's a great place to WOD!”

My CrossFit Home

"Shirtless" aka Shawn Dinsmore

“Could not be happier about my CrossFit home. Family friendly atmosphere. Incredible members that really feel like an extended family for me and my wife.

Also have some personalized training programs that have made a huge impact on my performance. Please check these guys out. It could become your forever CrossFit box too.”

It's Truly a Family at CFO

"Grace-Off" aka Jamie

“I love this CrossFit gym, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fitter OR start CrossFit!!

The coaches, community and facility are second to none. It's truly a family at CFO. This place is the BOMB!!”