Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify Matt Starr’s take on perseverance is that “Going through these tough times is that the only way to move is to move forward. You can only control yourself.” Coach Mike and Matt, an “OG” Optimist of over a decade, talk about persevering through tough times, whether its a 13.1 mile trail race, or …

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Paleo Week 4 Recap

Haven’t read Part 3? You can catch up on the Paleo Week 3 Recap and then head back here to Part 4! We made it to the end This is the paleo week 4 recap of the 30 day challenge. So the Martinez family finished the challenge a couple days ago and ended up cutting the journey …

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Paleo Week 3 Recap

Haven’t read Part 2? You can catch up on the Paleo Week 2 Recap and then head back here to Part 3! 21 days into the paleo challenge Coach Mike and Coach Anjo are now a week away from finishing their 30 day paleo challenge. In this paleo recap, Coach Anjo talks about adding recreational …

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Coach Kyla

Competing at Wodapalooza

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify In February, Coach Kyla competed with a team of four at Wodapalooza, an official CrossFit Sanctional in Miami, FL. She gives us the full scoop on the experience – her seven weeks of training (no more soda!), what the workouts were like, Miami Uber drivers, and talking with …

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Paleo Week 2 Recap

Haven’t read Part 1? You can catch up on the Paleo Week 1 Recap and then head back here to Part 2! 14 Days into the Challenge Coach Mike and Coach Anjo are halfway through their 30 Day Paleo Challenge and are still going strong! Coach Anjo is not busting the budget at the store …

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