Hanna Hawkins: Nutrition Coach & Gym Owner

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Coach Mike sits down with CrossFit Optimistic’s resident nutrition coach – Hanna Hawkins. They discuss Hanna’s gym, CrossFit Lorton, her nutrition company, Macros & Muscles Nutrition, and how it feels to “wear both hats.”

Finding CrossFit Optimistic

Hanna currently lives in Virginia and is connected to CrossFit Optimistic through her husband, Shan, who is a member while he attends PA school in San Antonio. Hanna visits every other weekend and drops in to WOD when she can!

In Virginia, Hanna owns CrossFit Lorton. When Shan moved to Texas, Hanna supplied him with enough equipment to complete his workouts in the garage. But working out alone just wasn’t the same; he needed a community. Hanna checked out CrossFit Optimistic’s programming and knew it would be the right fit! What Shan and Hanna love about CFO is that “it feels like Lorton, we have a community down here now.”


History of CrossFit Lorton

Hanna found CrossFit ten years ago, after she drove past “a hole in the wall” CrossFit gym and wanted to know what it was about! “I did my first workout and have never looked back. Now I do 5-6 workouts a week.” When the previous owner of CrossFit Lorton decided it was time to retire, he asked if she was interested in buying it, and she’s now been the owner for two years.

“I don’t mind if people call it a cult; we’re a group of likeminded people that want to have the best time, laugh and joke while they’re getting super fit. I think it’s so cool the level of things people can do that they think they can’t.”

Fun Fact: Hanna competed in the Midatlantic Regional in 2014 as a Team!


Nutrition Coaching

“My main bread and butter, my passion, is nutrition.” She and her two friends started Macros & Muscles Nutrition five years ago, aiming to create the same accountability for nutrition that you get at a CrossFit gym for fitness.

Hanna and Coach Mike talk about the effects of Covid on their businesses. While Covid may have negatively impacted the gyms, it positively impacted the nutrition business! People realized while they can’t control being stuck at home, they can control their food intake. “Don’t create bad habits, but instead take charge and improve your eating and working out.”


Listen to Episode 52 of The Optimistic Podcast to hear Coach Mike ask which venture Hanna enjoys more – nutrition coaching or gym ownership. The answer may surprise you! If you’re interested in learning more about nutrition coaching with Hanna, check out our website.