Staying Healthy and Connected While At Home

Last week, Coach Mike was featured on an episode of the Broken to Unbroken podcast, along with Jeremy Tucker (owner of Elite CrossFit), Jill Digiampaolo (Manager & Coach at Jones N4 CrossFit), and Dr. Nick Askey of Airrosti. They discussed how local boxes are surviving the shutdown and how they are keeping their community connected and active while everyone is at home. Today, we want to share our own tips and resources for how YOU can stay healthy, active, and continue to thrive in our Optimistic community even while we are apart.

At Home WODs

Every Monday through Friday during “shelter in place”, we are posting a workout you can do in the comfort of your own home! Coach Rebecca’s video will guide you through the movements, standards, and scaling options. These body weight workouts are great ones to share with a small group, your kiddos, your neighbor, and your spouse. You can find the videos on our Facebook page!

Share Your Workout

The biggest thing our community needs right now is that feeling of connection. We love a good WOD and to get our sweat on with our friends. While we can’t meet in person, why not share online? Post a pic or fun video of you working out and share what workout you did. Get your kids involved too! You know they have built up energy they’re just waiting to get out. Now is a great time to show them the importance of an active lifestyle.

We may not be in our gym, but the community is still here to cheer you on, even online. Be sure to tag us @crossfitoptimistic and use the hashtag #alwaysanoptimist when you post!

Drink Water

This is non-negotiable! Being at home may knock you out of your routine. Water intake and number of workouts per week are sometimes the hardest to keep in check. Keep a water bottle close to you at all times! Keep refilling it and set a goal for the amount of water you want to drink. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces.

Keep Your Nutrition On Track

Being at home is a great time to fall back in love with cooking wholesome, nutritious food. Nutrition is an important foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. Especially now that you may not be moving as much as you usually do, you shouldn’t let your nutrition slip. On our blog, you can read more about nutrition as a foundation, how to meal prep, along with many other blog posts written by our coaches.

Need some recipe ideas? Ask your community! This can be a great way to connect, find recipe ideas you may not have thought of, and inspire others to cook too.

We hope these tips helped encourage you that we can all stay healthy and connected, even while we are at home. Stay active, stay home, and stay optimistic!