Margie Blomstrom: How Having Kids Changed My Marriage

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Margie Blomstrom and her husband Kevin had three kids within 21 months: twins through IVF and their third child shortly after. As Margie put it “It rocked our world. It rocked our marriage. We were in survival mode for years.”

As their children have grown older, Margie and Kevin are learning how to love and pursue one another again. And part of that journey brought them to marriage counseling. Margie says their marriage is in a much better place now, and recommends others go to counseling “even if you don’t think you need it. It’s a check up from the neck up!”

How Margie found CrossFit 

Margie Blomstrom is one of the OG CrossFitters. She joined Alamo CrossFit back in 2010 before CrossFit Optimistic was opened. 

“One of the things I love about CrossFit is [that] you know you are competing against yourself and you’re competing against your previous time or your previous score. I loved getting to see how I was improving and how my body was changing as a result.” 

Margie Blomstrom

After struggling to get pregnant, Margie cried when her OB/GYN recommended she stop CrossFitting.

“I was so sad to stop doing [CrossFit] but of course it was worth trying to start a family and so I stopped and then I came back when our twins were about 10 months old.”

Margie Blomstrom

Having THREE Children in 21 Months 

After three years of infertility issues, Margie had her first two children, twins, through IVF. To her surprise, around the twins first birthday, she found out she was pregnant with her third child.

The Blomstrom family was busy with three children in diapers, car seats, and high chairs. For the next few years as Margie put it, they were in “survival mode.” And Margie and her husband put pursuing one another on the back burner, leading to them building walls of resentment. 

“We got to a place of basically zero tolerance with one another. If either of us did anything to upset the other one, there was no grace. It was an immediate fight. So we’re really working through it [with marriage counseling] and we’re in a much better place now.”

Margie Blomstrom

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