Renewed Faith in Humanity from COVID-19?!

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We talked with one of our Optimists, Paul “The Champ” Basaldua about his COVID-19 news. He is giving his post-Coronavirus Blood Plasma to help those still fighting the COVID-19 illness. We want to help spread the story so others may find a way to be part of the solution! You can make a difference now before the scientific community develops an immunization. 

He expressed his renewed faith in humanity and how the pandemic is bringing out the best in people. While under quarantine his friends and neighbors pitched in to help his family. Friends delivered groceries to his family. His neighbors gathered in the cul-de-sac to bring cupcakes and birthday wishes to his 8 year old son.

Coming Down with COVID-19

In mid-March of 2020 Paul went to the doctor for flu-like symptoms and after testing, found out he had contracted the COVID-19 virus. Despite being a strong proponent of physical fitness and being overall healthy, he said the virus “hit him like a bus!” His family self-quarantined while he fought the virus over a 7-9 day period. His wife Kelly, a Pediatric doctor, watched over the three children and made sure Paul’s symptoms did not worsen.

How to Donate your Convalescent Plasma

Do you know someone who has recovered from COVID-19? They can make a difference! You can visit the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center website, call (210)-731-2719, or email [email protected] if you’re interested in donating convalescent plasma to help save lives! 

“If you’ve had Coronavirus, you have convalescent plasma, you have the ability to save lives.”

Paul Basaldua

More About COVID-19

To listen to the rest of the story and how Paul got the Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenburg, to share on Facebook how post-COVID-19 Blood Plasma can make a difference, listen to The Champ’s story using the Optimistic Podcasts at the top of this page!