Scaling your workout

Everything you need to know about Scaling your WOD

Let’s talk about scaling. When you begin your CrossFit journey, scaling is crucial! As a new athlete, your coach wants to ensure your workout fits your ability level and that you have a positive experience. During your CrossFit journey, you will start to know your go-to scaling options for various movements. There are no hard …

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9 Commonly asked CrossFit Kids and Teens Questions, Answered

Here are the most common CrossFit Kids and Teens questions answered from weightlifting safety to the physical and mental skills children build in the class. When and where is the class?  CrossFit Optimistic CrossFit Kids and Teens classes are a four week program, Monday-Friday, beginning Monday June 8th and ending on Friday July 24th. The …

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4 Reasons Teens Should CrossFit

Whether your kids are already active or are struggling to find the right extracurricular activity, CrossFit Teens is right for them. At CrossFit Teens, our priority is safety, while having fun. Making CrossFit fun keeps young athletes engaged in the activity! Building healthy habits now will ensure kids will carry them on for the rest …

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Memorial Day Murph

Memorial Day Murph

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify In this episode of the Optimistic Podcast Coaches Mike, Anjo, and Forrest sit down to talk about LT. Michael Murphy and the Hero WOD named after him, Memorial Day “Murph.” Coach Anjo and the team discuss what a Hero workout is and what it means to them. Coach Mike talks about the importance …

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Conditioning vs. Weightlifting for a new CrossFitter

When you first start out, CrossFit can seem complicated. You’re moving your body in new ways, learning new skills, and figuring out what all the acronyms mean…it can be overwhelming. A common question I get asked as a coach is “which one is more important, conditioning or weightlifting?” To answer this question, here is a …

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