CrossFit Games Emcee Larry Moss

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Larry Moss, CrossFit Games emcee and SWAT Commander of the Lake Charles Police Department is on our first video podcast! Larry shares how he got his start as an emcee and working with Coach Mike at the CrossFit Games. He talks about making the Hero WOD “Murph” a part of the Police Department’s fitness regimen and memorable moments emceeing.

CrossFit Games Emcee

Larry Moss volunteered to be an emcee at the Regionals in Houston in 2011. Getting feedback from Castro saying “he needs a lot of work,” Larry thought it was a one time gig. Then he got a call to emcee the UFC expo event “CrossFit All Stars.” Now Larry has emceed at numerous CrossFit Games, Regionals and the CrossFit Sanctional Event Wodapalooza.

Larry’s most memorable CrossFit regionals moments was announcing the brothers Scott and Saxon Panchik making it to the Games together. His favorite moment at the Games in Carson, California was emceeing in the Tennis stadium. At night when final heat of top-tier athletes are throwing down, the crowd is roaring. In Madison, Wisconsin, his favorite moments are working the packed stadium with the final heats of athletes.

SWAT Commander Larry Moss

 When he’s not emceeing for the CrossFit Games and Regionals,  Larry Moss is the SWAT Commander for the Lake Charles Police Department. With most of the SWAT leadership already CrossFitters, Larry joked that the department should incorporate “Murph” into their training. A few months later they implemented the Hero WOD “Murph” as part of their fitness tests. 

Next to the Department is their gym CrossFit Breach and Hold, where Larry and many other officers go to WOD after work. Unfortunately, due to the hurricanes, the gym was torn apart. They salvaged some of the equipment, but the rebuild process will take time. Meanwhile, Larry has started Jiu-Jitsu and promises to roll with Coach Mike the next time he’s in San Antonio. 

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