Tori Parker: “Wonder Woman”

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Tori Parker was originally a CrossFit skeptic but after her first 10 minute workout, she was hooked. She takes us on her fitness and weight loss journey from being 240 pounds to now a CrossFit coach and barbell enthusiast. “Wonder Woman” shares how CrossFit gave her mental toughness, confidence, and a community that has impacted her life in and out of the gym. Press play to hear all about her fitness journey!

Finding CrossFit

Tori Parker initially thought CrossFit was only for the “criminally insane.” She originally came to CrossFit because her employers at the time, Elizabeth Marsh “40U40” and Eric Adams “Big-E,” (Optimists who have been at CFO for many years) introduced their employees at Pediatric Therapy Specialists to CrossFit Optimistic.

“Hold up, where are the treadmills? I can remember one time asking [Coach Anjo] ‘where am I supposed to run?’ and she pointed to the sidewalk and said ‘it’s endless.’” Tori thought she was going to give CrossFit a try to say she did it once and then move on.

However, she didn’t expect was that after her first WOD she’d wanted to learn more about this new fitness regimen. So now, 3.5 years later at CrossFit Optimistic, she religiously WODs and coaches the 5am class.

Weight loss Journey

Tori weighed 240 lbs and at the time “didn’t see anything wrong with it.” She explains how friends would invite her to go to activities such as hiking and she would decline because of how much it hurt to move. 

“I was 25-26, I had just gotten married, heaviest I had ever been. I can remember going and trying on wedding dresses, and the dress I wanted didn’t come in my size. And that was a sign that possibly I had let things go too far.”

She explains how she let go of her care for her health and her future. “All I really knew was feeling bad and feeling really bad starts to feel normal.”

Tori Parker’s relationship with Food

Her diet prior to losing weight was alcohol and fast food. She focused on her present goal of getting through grad school and not on her future health. “I let everything else take a back seat.”

“Feeling crummy was normal. I didn’t know anything other than feeling crummy, feeling sluggish, and feeling greasy from the food I was eating.”

When she started her fitness and weight loss journey, nutrition became an important part of her life. Now as a CrossFitter she uses the RP Nutrition app to track her macros. With a busy work schedule, meal prepping is now her friend and she shares her go-to meals and snacks when she is in a rush. 

More from the Episode

To hear more about Tori Parker’s fitness journey press play! Tori talks about eating disorders, gives a few shout outs to Optimistic ladies who inspire her, and gives her advice to people who want to make a change to an active and healthy lifestyle! Tune in wherever you get your podcasts.