What no one tells you about CrossFitting while Pregnant

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Empowerment. Strength. Grace. Pride. Listening to your body. These were the words Audrea and Sarah kept coming back to. These ladies talk with Coach Anjo about CrossFitting while pregnant and how it feels getting back into their workout routine postpartum. Tune it to hear these 3 mom’s share their experiences, CrossFit pregnancy tips (hello lifters) and more! 

CrossFit Moms

Coach Anjo talks with Sarah Schimpff, who had her first child in June, and Audrea Coy who had her fourth child last year. Both ladies CrossFitted through their pregnancy, and each had different experiences. Coach Anjo found CrossFit years after having her four children and has coached many pregnant moms! 

CrossFitting while Pregnant

Sarah had her baby in June and is only 2 workouts back in the box postpartum. With the help of her coaches, she found modifications that worked for her through her pregnancy. Sarah and Audrea stressed the fact that each woman’s journey is different and to most importantly listen to your body. What worked for one woman may not be the same for another.

Labor was amazing because I had really efficient pushes. I got an epidural so you’re numb from the waist down. My doctor was giving me physical cues and muscle cues. Because of the CrossFit and body awareness, I knew what I needed to do to make those pushes efficient without being able to feel it.” -Sarah Schimpff 

For Audrea, this was her fourth child but first pregnancy while CrossFitting, so she had many questions and concerns due to her previous medical history. Her biggest piece of advice for expecting mothers is to not be afraid to ask your coaches questions! Audrea used a heart rate monitor on her wrist to hold herself accountable while working out. This told her when she could push the pace, and when to take a moment to catch her breath and rest.  

Tips for CrossFitting while Pregnant

Sarah’s biggest takeaway from CrossFitting while pregnant is to not compare your pregnancy workouts with your pre-pregnant PRs and scores. She talked about how much your body changes during pregnancy, and postpartum, your body will never be the same again. For Sarah she had to let go of her pride, especially when she wanted to lift heavy to match her old lifting PRs. 

Audrea Coy had a piece of equipment she couldn’t WOD without! She didn’t want to give up her barbell too soon into her pregnancy, but was having trouble keeping her balance lifting- then in came her lifters. She found by wearing her lifters, it gave her enough help to maintain good form for barbell work. She loved them so much she wore her lifters for all workouts through the rest of her pregnancy WODs!

Strong Mothers Build Strong Kids

For Audrea, CrossFit is more than just a workout, it’s a mindset. While under quarantine, she was working out with her kids. After a few weeks of working out, she asked her daughter how she felt. She said “Mom, I feel strong!” In a day and age where kids have so much technology and knowledge at their fingertips, it is amazing to have a foundation rooted in strength. When Audrea shared that story, it gave us all goosebumps!

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Sarah and Audrea share the difference in their recoveries from a vaginal delivery versus a c-section and workout motivation that is perfect for pregnant moms or new CrossFitters. With strong CrossFit moms like Crystal, Edith, Margie, Elizabeth, Jamie and so many more, we wanted to share two ladies perspectives on pregnancy and motherhood. Tune in using the links above to hear more!