How Shelly Built This: A Law Firm That Works Around Family Time

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After the law firm Shelly worked at closed, she and her husband opened Calhoun Law Firm. Shelly shares what it’s like working with her husband, building a business to fit their family’s schedule and getting ready for their third child! Tune in to the Optimistic Podcast to listen to the full episode! 

Shelly on Finding CrossFit

In 2010, Shelly decided to give CrossFit a shot since the law office she worked at was right next door. She was hesitant to try CrossFit due to her track record with athletics in high school. She’s had some mishaps with running, one time in track racing with her spikes on the wrong feet! Now as a part of the CrossFit Optimistic family for over 10 years, she says the most important part of CrossFit is the friendships and community.

Starting the Calhoun Law Firm

When life hit Shelly and her family a curveball, she took it all in stride. The law firm she and her husband Lee worked at closed their doors suddenly. Shelly went into problem solver mode. She began putting the pieces together to open the Calhoun Law Firm with her husband. From then on, she and her husband have not only been a team in their marriage but also in their business.

Partners in Marriage & Business

“If you’re gonna have a marriage, you really have to be a team.” 

Shelly hits the bullet points of cases and her husband reads the fine print. She says she’s the multitasker with “25 different browsers going on in [her] head” and Lee focuses on one task at a time. 

One of the driving forces to opening their own business was the ability to make their own hours to be a big part of their children’s lives.

“Sometimes I feel like I am the most patient, loving mother and I feel like I’m doing such a good job and then other situations I’m like wow I went crazy!“

She shares her parenting learning points. From figuring out how they were going to discipline their children to their different parenting styles to taking it one day at a time. Her biggest piece of advice when life is tough:

“You’ll figure it out. The money will come, things will come. I always have this true belief that if you’re a good person and you’re working hard, and you’re putting good energy out into the world, that it’s going to come back to you.”

Shelly sharing the high & lows of 2020

The lows: the shrinking bean burritos at Taco Bell. The highs: finding TikTok during quarantine, loving nurses like Mudgie, and her family keeping it quirky. And a big question: will the Calhoun family buy a minivan? Use the links above to listen to the full podcast!