COVID-19 Made Me Look at a Grasshopper

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Before the gyms open a week from today, Coach Anjo and Coach Mike reflect on how the 50+ days at home have been a blessing in disguise. On the latest episode of the Optimistic Podcast, they share the silver lining they found. Coach Anjo shares the reasons why she has been shedding tears of joy and the simple pleasures she’s been enjoying. Coach Mike explains how the slower pace of life allowed him and Coach Anjo to stop and smell the roses… or rather, look at grasshoppers. 

Finding the Silver Lining 

In line with the name “CrossFit Optimistic,” Coach Mike and Coach Anjo want to share the positive side. Even though you go to the grocery store to people wearing masks and not looking you in the eye, there are still so many wonderful things happening in our community. Neighbors getting groceries for those who are sick and drive-by caravan birthday celebrations. Here is the silver lining they found during quarantine.

The Power of CrossFit Community 

Though we can’t physically be with our CrossFit community yet, we still feel the love and support. Optimists are working out together on Zoom, posting their WODs, and and sharing photos working out with their kids. 

“So we really know that even though our doors are closed, what’s really happened is that we’re not closed. We’re just working out at a different place, it just happens to be 40 different locations scattered throughout San Antonio.” 

Coach Mike

50+ days into quarantine, Optimists are still calling, texting and emailing to check up on us to send encouragement. Coach Anjo has had many moments where she receives a message and is so overwhelmed by the support that she gets teary eyed. As Coach Mike would say “We may not be rich from the business, but we’re wealthy,” we have a wealth of relationships with Optimists who have been with us spanning years and some over a decade. Social distancing cannot break these bonds.

Slower Pace of Life

With kids home, that means Coach Anjo gets to spend more time with her family. They may not be talking, but they’re all at the dinner table together working and doing homework. Although Forrest, their oldest son no longer lives in their house, he has been spending more time with them for family dinners and meetings.

Coach Mike and Coach Anjo have been able to spend more time together. After a run at a local park, they just sat and enjoyed the scenery, the grasshoppers and stick bugs they saw. This was the first time in their marriage where they just relaxed after a run, with nowhere to rush off to, a fact that was not overlooked by Coach Mike. 

Simple Pleasures

Along with the slower pace of life, Coach Anjo has not been taking the simple things for granted either. She has seen more people walking, biking, and families taking dogs for walks- even in the hot Texas afternoons! 

“Despite the words pandemic, quarantine, COVID-19, they sound like these daunting and scary things. I would think when history looks back on these days we might smile and remember the simple pleasures and really say ‘wow that was an amazing time’ and then maybe not think of it as a negative but more fondly.”

Coach Anjo

Without kids needing to go to activities or hang out with friends, it means more family time together. The Martinez family has been putting down technology to go outside to enjoy simple pleasures like family runs and garage WODs.

More From the Episode 

Coach Mike gives his personal perspective and reflections during quarantine. Hitting the reset button with the slower pace of life, he has gotten powerful reminders: to be grateful, savor life, and time to reaffirm his personal vows to himself and the important people in his life. Tune in to hear more about the the silver lining they found using the links at the top.