Rodgers Brothers: Heart of the CrossFit Games

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Today we have Coach Mike talking to the Rodgers Brothers, Billy and Danny- the behind the scenes guys at the CrossFit Games. If the CrossFit volunteers and staff are the blood of the Games, the Rodgers brothers are the heart and soul! Billy and Danny manage everything outside the competition floor from bleachers, equipment, tents, turf, tickets and more! They share some funny stories like setting up a personal porta potty for Dave Castro and staying up late at the venue to set up hay bales for the famous “cheese curd” workout at the Games.

Frameworks Events

Billy and Danny Rodgers are the owners of Frameworks Events, and help run many fitness events. They originally worked golf events, and then moved to events such as the Rogue Invitational, the Arnold, Wodapalooza, and of course, the CrossFit Games. As both avid CrossFitters, being a part of the CrossFit Games is special. They are already in the process of preparing for the CrossFit Games this summer.

“We’re planning on running the full CrossFit Games and we’ve got good signals from all relevant parties in Madison. It looks good. It’s far enough out. We’re selling tickets, we’re selling vendors booths. Let’s go!” – Billy Rodgers

CrossFit Mudtown

Not only is Danny a part of Frameworks, but owns CrossFit Mudtown in Birmingham, Alabama. When the gym shutdown due to COVID, he and his team had to respond and make changes.

“When CrossFit did the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser [CrossFit Mudtown] had people’s moms and dads doing CrossFit for the first time ever, using soup cans as weights for thrusters. For a year since that fundraiser, our coaches have been Zooming with them 2x or 3x a week coaching them through workouts. We’re in the people business.” -Danny Rodgers

More From the Rodgers Brothers

As the Rodgers brothers prepare for the CrossFit Games, they are looking forward to more in person events in 2022! To hear the full episode, use the links above to listen to the Optimistic Podcast. Don’t forget to leave us 5-stars and a written review.